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What is Wushu?

Wushu is a general term for Chinese Martial Arts. Today Wushu has been recognized as ancient Chinese Martial Arts that organized, modified and classified by Chinese government as a national sport. Wushu has two main branches: sport Wushu and traditional Wushu.

Sport Wushu
is a modern Chinese Martial Arts that has been designed base on competition in two major branches are forms (taolu) and sparring (sunda). Form (Taolu) is a martial art patterns performance which participants are judged and given points according to sport Wushu rules. Sanda (sparring) is a modern fighting method that is combination of Chinese boxing, wrestling, grappling techniques, and Kickboxing  techniques.

Traditional Wushu
has been practicing for thousands years by Chinese monks, warriors, Chinese medical doctors and ordinary people in Chinese community to achieve different goals. Traditional Wushu can be a multipurpose activity which pursuits inner peace, health, Self defense, self-control and self-confidence. The major deference of traditional Wushu and Sport Wushu is that in traditional way an individual practices on traditional forms and tries to understand all the aspects of techniques to achieve goals such as self-defenses and internal energy control applications.