Martial Art Styles

Nan Quan (Southern fist)

In 1960 Nan Quan Wushu was created base on traditional martial arts which practice in

south of Yangtze River in china. Nan Quan is a combination of the best techniques of

Black tiger and Hung Gar system of Wushu those have fighting and tremendous health

benefits. In traditional Wushu schools usually practice on International Nan Quan form

which is an advance form of southern fist. Nan Quan is very organized style of Wushu

that practitioners usually practice on Basic, Intermediate and then on advance forms

they also practice on southern staff and sword.  Nan Quan Characteristic is extensive,

strong hand techniques with stable, low stances. Power is generated from fast stance

and body weight transition that deliver power in the arms.


 Fu Jow Quan (Tiger Claw Fist) 虎爪拳

Fu jow Quan belongs to imitation boxing (象形拳) category of Wushu it is very famous in

shaolin temple. It was funded in songshan temple, developed in Fujian Shaolin temple

and separate across china. These days, there are varieties of tiger styles across the

china than all of them anyhow are related to shaolin. It depend on when separate out off

the shaolin are different however they all have same origin.

Black Tiger Form (少林黑虎拳) is one the most famous form in the shaolin Wushu was

originally created by the famous monk Jin Na Luo. Tiger style usually includes fist, tiger

palm and tiger claw techniques. In the south of china usually practice with low kicks and

lower stances however in north practice with jumping and higher kicks.

Fu jow Quan has been the most effective combat system for a long time in china and

always involve with legendary stories. According to the legend if you practice on tiger

claw main form you will become an immortal and can paralyze your opponent with a

single tiger claw strike. Practitioners have to develop the spirit of tiger and work on

special internal exercise (Chi Gung) to be able to use tiger claw strike on the opponent’s