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Sifu's Headmasters

Sifu Navid's primarily traind under the two following individuals


Master Xiao Pinhe, Taoist name Qinghui, is the 14th generation disciple of Wudang Sangfeng Sect. Now he is also president of Zhenwushan Temple of Xiangfan City, Hubei Province, vice chairman of Martial Arts Association of Shiyan City, vice chairman of Wudangshan Martial Arts Association .Born in Andong County of Hunan Province , a famous town of martial arts, Xiao began to learn and practice Kungfu when he was very young. He went to the Hengshan Mountain , one of the Five Mountains (Wuyue),to learn fighting skill . Then he moved on to Xinhua, also a place known for martial arts, to further his skill. After coming to Mount Wudang, he was honored to learn Taoist Inner Kungfu from Grandmaster Wang Guangde, the 13th generation disciple of Wudang Sanfeng Sect and the then president of Wudangshan Taoism Association (WTA). He learnt from various famous masters and thus he took advantage of all the strongpoints of different schools and formed his own style. Therefore Xiao is probably the only one in the Wudang Mountains Who is proficient both in Internal and external arts.
In 1999, took the first place as a team in the First China Wudang Boxing International Conference, winning 2 golden, 5 silver and 4 bronzes.
In 1999, also took the first place in the Third Jiangxi Provincial Mart Arts Competition, winning 7 goldens , 5 silver and 1 copper medals.
In 2000, took the first place as a team in the first place again in the First Wudangshan Martial Arts Arena, winning 4 golden, 2 silver and 3 copper medals .
In 2001, once again took the first place as a team in the Second Wudangshan Martial Arts Arena. In 2001, took the first place in formulas as a team in the Second Wudang Boxing International Conference.
Master Xiao set up wudangshan Kingwu School in the early 1990s and the school eventually evolved into an academy, the largest in the neighborhood. Now in the academy nearly 500 students are studying both Kungfu and curriculum stipulated by the educational department of the government. An amazing number of students, both from China and abroad, have been educated and graduated from the academy.

Ail Jahangiri
Master Ali Jahangiri zadeh is graduated of martial arts from body and soul College in 1980.In 1984 he achieve Dan 7 in Chen Tuan Kung fu under the instructions of Mr. Lu and He became a black belt in Aikido from Japan. After that he traveled to China and practiced at Peking Institute under the supervision of Professor Wu Bin and the instructions of Lin Womi and Loui. He practiced Wushu Nanquan and Three Section Staff and Koan dao. Following the numerous courses attended in China, He was qualified as an international coach and an international referee, received Dan 6, and ranked first in the Shaolin World Championships
From 1976, He was appointed as the trainer and coach of the Iranian team.
He have been Iranian international team coach in: World Championships in Italy (1997), Asian Olympic Games in Bangkok (1998).World Championships in Makao (2003), World Championships in Vietnam (2005).
He Judged Asian Youth Games in Singapore 2005. He was head of Technical Committee in the Iranian Wushu Federation 2006.
He also is the head of Nanquan Style in Iran and Member of the Technical Committee of the Iranian Wushu Federation.