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Sifu Navid (Chinese name Xiao Hu) graduated Wushu training from Wudang Shan Jingwu School.  Navid has had the opportunity of studying under headmaster Xiao Pinhe.  Navid is certified as a wushu instructor and referee from wushu federation. Sifu Navid began his martial arts life in age of 13th. He has studied karate, Wing chuan kung fu, Shaolin wushu. He join to Wudang Wushu Association and practice Wudang Internal kung fu and Xiang Xing Quan (Animal Imitation Boxing) under Sifu kohzady who is the representative of Wudang Shan Jingwu association in Iran. Navid is one of the numerated student who honored to practice Sanfon Tai chi and tiger claw fist main forms under master Kohzady.Then he travels to China to continue his education under Headmaster Xiao Pinhe in Wudang Shan Jingwu school. In 2001 he graduated from that school. He is certified as a Wushu instructor and referee from Wushu federation.  He also studied Nan Quan Wushu under Sifu Ali Jahan giry how has been practicing under grand master Wu Bin.

Sifu Navid in China